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Lessons in Alchemy [entries|friends|calendar]
Fullmetal Alchemist RP

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[26 Aug 2005|08:14pm]

[ mood | anxious ]

[ooc: Sorry! I didn't know Roi-chan updated, and just found out, so, I update!!!]

Riza sat. She sat and she watched him sleep. Watched him screw up his face in pain, or fear. Watched him twitch uncomfortably. Finally he woke up, and looked at his arm like it was alien to him when he put it out to find something she assumed existed in that place at his house. She replied with a relieved "Taisa!" when he spoke her name. She watched him as he tried to get up, then she moved quickly to support him when it looked as if he was overbalancing. "Sir, you know you are in no condition to be back at Headquarters. The doctors said you were to have at least a week of bedrest."

She held him firmly, keeping his balance for him. Resting him back against the bed, she motioned for him to get back under the covers, much like a worried mother would do to her sick child. "Is there anything I can get you, sir? A glass of water?" She questioned him nervously, pulling the covers back over him. "Something to eat?" She set about straightenng the room she had straightened a million times in the years it seemed Mustang had been asleep. "You should probably eat something, sir, the doctors said you would need to build your strength back up."

She saw him looking around a bit dazedly, as if he was not fully aware of where he was. "Sir, I took you to my house because I thought you would rather have one of your officers taking care of you, rather than be stuck in a hospital. Or be at home alone. Because I knew you'd try to go back to work before the doctors deemed appropriate, and I'm not going to let you run yourself down again." She said the last line with a small bit of emotion in her voice, as she was determined to not let him leave her house until he was completely well.

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[17 Aug 2005|01:57pm]

[ mood | sick ]

::The colonel had woken drenched in a cold sweat, his clothing soaked and his face dripping with the liquid. A gloved hand came to touch it only noticing at the touch of pale flesh that his gloves were no where to be seen, which seemed to make him rather nervous. Though at least he'd finally woken from his unconsious state. He'd been out for at least a couple hours. If not any more. Ebony hues began to focus his arm reachingfor one of desks he kept by his own bed, however this was not his house. He found himself reaching into mid air his hand forced to come back down onto the bed. He was weak, likely the next twenty four hours would be crucial.:::

::His eyes finally adjusted to the dim light of the room, shifting about in a mild confusion they fell upon the feminine figure of Riza. He couldn't tell who it was at first but he knew one thing, it couldn't be Hughes nor Havoc none of them ever looked that good. Havoc always had that damn cigarette in his mouth and whoever this was didnt have that familiar smell of tabacco. :::Hawkeye..Shuui..?::he'd questioned softly, slowly sitting up from his comfortable position. He'd scratched at the back of his neck, wincing slightly ::doko iru no..:: This wasn't his house. For one thing, it was much cleaner.:::

:::The color slowly was coming back to his features, though one could tell he still was under the weather and likely wouldn't be at work in the morning even if he wanted too he doubted Riza would allow that. Work was his life, he had nothing except for it. His eyes shifted towards her as he offered up a faint smile and attempted to stand, his body shifting from the bed feet hitting the floor gently...:: I should get back to central..:: He murmured softly, his eyes were lowered as a dizzy rush struck him. A hand moving to his head as he tried to support himself he nearly fell right back over:::

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[17 Aug 2005|04:47am]

[ mood | worried sick ]

It had taken a bit longer than expected for Alphonse to make it back to the hospital, considering he was having to lug around the scraps of him that had been irrepairable. By the time that he did arrive, he learned that his brother had already been settled into a room of his own for now, though he was still unconscious for the time being.

The younger brother had been allowed in to see him for a short while, settling the small armload of metal parts over into one of the corners of the room, neatly stacked and out of the way of any possible visits from doctors or nurses.

There hadn't been much to do. Just sit there and stare at his older brother, hoping and praying that he would come out of this okay. Al had been so afraid when he saw Edward just lying on the ground and hardly breathing...

A light knock from the door caught the boy's attention, and as quietly as he could he stood up and cracked open the door to be greeted by a nurse.

"Sorry, but the visitor's hours are up."

A disappointed sigh echoed through the hollow suit as the younger brother glanced back into the room. From behind him the nurse's voice tried to reassure him. "Don't worry. He'll be fine. You can come back tomorrow to see him."

Finally Alphonse shuffled outside of the door, almost instantly a small group of nurses and doctors making their way inside to do what he could only assume were checkups. Glowing eyes now glanced down one side of the hallway, then the other, and when seeing that there wasn't a bench or anything of that sort in the immediate vacinity of his brother's room, he settled down onto the floor just outside of the door, curling his knees up to his chest. It wasn't as though he had anywhere else to go, and if he were to ask about seeing Winry, he'd probably get the same thing told to him. "No more visitors for the night."

It had to have been the longest night since that horrid night that his soul had been attached onto this hunk of steel...

The next few days had been much of the same. The nurses would let him in to see Edward for a few hours at the time, then of course shoo him off and back into the hallway. A couple of the nurses had offered to treat Al to something to eat in their cafeteria, but he had politely declined, causing them to worry just a bit about him since in all the time he was there they hadn't seen him eat a bite.

[]*squeeks* and... I go braindead ^w^;; *bows repeatedly* gomen ne. will do better next time![]

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[09 Aug 2005|12:05am]

[ mood | awake ]

"Edward...be a dear and transmute something for me...yes, I know...a ring of flowers...your father...would always..."

Eyelids peeled away slowly from dreary golden orbs. For an instant, Ed was genuinely surprised to wake up in a place other than his old family home in Rizembul. The dreams he had been having, the memories replayed, were still so shockingly vivid that his eager mind was happy to pretend as if none of it had ever happened. But slowly, the recollection dawned on him; He and Al had burned that place to a cinder long ago. After there mother had died...and after the both of them had mangled their bodies beyond recognition. His vision slowly came into focus, and Edward found himself staring vacantly up at a painfully blank, white ceiling.

"...okay...so I'm either in a hospital...or a really bright library..." Ed spoke out loud just to test his voice. It felt rough in his throat, but sounded better than he thought it might have. That was a pretty good sign, right?

He turned his neck slightly to glare at a curtain-less window that was mercilessly pouring evil sunlight into his room. How long had he been asleep...and what the heck time was it anyway? What DAY was it? He had a funny feeling that he hadn't just caught a few hour's worth of rest since the train fiasco.

Ed willed his right hand to move and sheild his eyes from the light. But it didn't. He tried again, and only noticed a dull tingling sensation right where the automail port was bolted into his skin. A wry little smirk crossed his face as he began to understand just why his arm was not moving to cover his eyes, and again, he spoke out to the empty room, "That's right...Winry ripped it right off, didn't she? Heh..." The soft little echo he received from the room was disturbing, but at the same time, the familliar sound of his own voice lent him a great deal of comfort, "...funny thing is...she'll prbably yell at me for it...saying I was too careless..."

The alchemist made a cursory check of his body and found, though it was accompanied with a great deal of pain, that moving around would be possible in this state. He let out a long sigh and reclined against the soft hospital pillow. Once his strength had recovered enough, he would have to get back on his feet to find Al and Winry...make sure that they were both still more or less alright.

And after that, he decided silently, he would head off to Rizembul to finish what he started...alone...

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[06 Aug 2005|04:21pm]

[ mood | worried ]

[I've been bad, and not updated in the past few days even though Roy fixed his post. ^^;; I'm sorry. *scuttles to type*]

Riza sat on the edge of the bed for God-only-knows-how-long and watched her superior sleep, and dream. She could only imagine what he was dreaming about, and her imaginings were not bringing her pleasant thoughts. She was reminded of her own time in Ishbal, something which she'd normally choose to not think of, but was forced as she had nothing to distract herself with.

Explosions everywhere, noise, flashes of light, and people screaming. Her hands shook, knuckles white, as she leveled off for yet another shot. BANG BANG, and two more limp bodies hit the dusty ground. Part of her wanted to turn and shoot herself, but she must follow orders, must distance herself from what she was doing, this was not her fault, she had no choice in all of this. BANG BANG She told herself this over and over, but it never made her believe it. Never. BANG BANG There could've been something different, something that would've made all the suffering stop. Something... something... BANG BANG. She concentrated on her gun, the one thing true to her, as she felt she couldn't even trust her mind at this point.

Riza broke out of her reverie to notice that the Taisa was mumbling, and twitching in his sleep. His face was pale, but he was sweating. She put a hand to his forehead to see if he was running a temperature. Her hand felt the hot, fevered skin on his forehead, and she went to the kitchen to gt a cold compress for him. Busying herself with this, she forced the memories back to a dark corner of her mind, where she kept them.

She padded back into the room, and put the cold compress on Roy's forehead, smoothing the covers worriedly. She couldn't tell whether he was awake or not, whether he could hear her, or even see her. She saw him looking at his hands in horror, as if he had done something terrible with them. Taking one hand in her own, she sat there with him in silence.

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[31 Jul 2005|05:54am]

[ mood | rejuvenated ]

[]Yesh, before anyone asks, I got permission to borrow Hughes-sama ^w^;[]

Hughes uneasily took in the scene that had unfolded, sending a sideways glance to Havoc as he told the men what needed to be done. Yeah, Roy needed to be taken care of, but Riza seemed to be all on top of that one at the moment.

"Sir, Fullmetal was holding onto this." One man came towards him, holding Al's head. "Geez. They tore you both apart, huh Alphonse?" Hughes just grinned a bit as he took the helmet, recieving a few odds looks. "Why don't you get a crate and put the rest of the pieces of this in it to take back to Central. And make sure you're real careful with it alright?"

After the people in the immediate vicinity had left to gather the rest of his body, the helmet spoke up quietly again. "That's not very funny Mr. Hughes. Nii-san's hurt bad."

"Just Hughes, Al. And you know I was just joking." Maes glanced to Jean again. "I'll be back in a while to help you finish the cleanup here."

"This is serious though!" The younger brother protested again as he was carried off to a waiting car. The lieutant colonel set the metal head down on one side of the seat, settling down next to it. Suddenly his tone got very serious. "So tell me. What exactly happened in there?"

Hesitant at first, Alphonse began to tell him what had happened, from when they had gone to search for Winry, to the fight in the engine room, and finally the final blow when Winry had been used against them. By the time he had finished, Al found himself back in Central again, being placed with the rest of his body in a large crate.

"We'll trying to figure out where the three you were talking about went. In the meantime, we'll get you fixed up enough so that you can go see your brother." Hughes grinned, giving the helmet a couple of pats on the head before leaving him in the care of a couple of officers. "Take extra good care of that armor when you're putting it back together. Wouldn't want to make Fullmetal angry." He added almost too cheerfully as he loaded himself back into the car to head back to the train wreckage.

A short while later, Alphonse was finally back in one piece, save for a few scraps that had manage to shatter or snap during the moving around. The men that had pieced him back together left the room, and for the first time in what seemed like ages, Al stretched out, testing all of the joints to make sure that they had done at least an okay job of putting him back together. Satisfied that he was in working order again, the younger brother gathered up the last bits and pieces of himself and began to sneak out to go to the hospital and find his big brother. "You better still be okay nii-san, or I'm gonna hurt you." He mused quietly as he clunked out into the street and began to walk off.

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[28 Jul 2005|12:48pm]

::The flame alchemist was put on a streacher as well while the other doctors waited for Edward and Alphonse to be taken care of. He could hear Riza's voice but it was so distant to him, trapped in his world of forced rest. Had he had anything to say against it he'd be up and tending to the alchemist who were in worse shape than he. It's as though he were awake yet not. He didn't know what to do except for lie there, he couldn't wake himself up. He felt helpless and he hated it. He'd make it up to Lieutenate Hawkeye when he could move again, he swore on it. ::

::It felt almost as though he were at his own home, comfortable beds, a dark enviornment, he had very few lamps residing in his bedroom at least..as he lie quietly he'd could almost imagine the sounds of chipping out the window, or the scents of old Rum lingering in the kitchen slowly spreading through the air. However this was not his home. This was something else, something different he couldn't quite place his mind on..just yet anyways..his senses were dull and his face pale as he slept, nightmares plaguing his subconsious mind. Slipping deeper and deeper into an exhausting unrestful unconsiousness..::

:::That night again, he stood in the center of the demolished town of Ishbal, the houses around him crackled with burning flames. That was his doing wasn't it? His hand was up and fingers had snapped to create that trademark flame..another home caught. He could hear screaming and crying in the background, but yet he did nothing on it. There were children in one of the houses he'd nonchalantly lit on fire. He'd done it with out a care in the world. His coal colored hues had grown so distant and detatched he could have done anything with out hesitation. The sultry voice sounded in his ear once again, ecchoing through his mind. :: You know what you have to do...Roy Mustang...:: Her hand gently caressed his cheek, nuzziling at his neck in an almost affectionate way. However there was no love behind it, just a burning hatred for human life..::

:::Mustang nodded as he'd turned, his lips were caught with another's she'd slipped infront of him and wrapped her arms around his waist:: Go...:: she'd murmured to him, her lips just inches from his own. He'd nod once again and slipped into one of the buildings that had barely caught fire, his pistole in hand. Who knew what he was about to do just then aside from himself.. The woman he couldn't remember, he didn't know just who she was...but she was controlling him so easily. Slipping inside that home he saw a boy, a young boy clutching his little sister fear evident in their eyes, however it hadn't even bothered Mustang. The shots sounded through the air, two bodies fell to the unforgiving ground. Covered in blood they lay dying together, no witness except a soilder who'd lost his way. Kneeling by the two bodies he'd touch the blood, bringing it to his face and examining it closer:::...who am I..::: whispered just enough for the kids to hear, though the didn't reply. They had slipped to the underworld, no longer a part of this realm.:::

::Stepping out of that building and lighting yet another up in flames he stood, it was a ghost town now thanks to him. While he stood there he'd begun to see things. There was a girl with a teddy bear standing infront of him with half of her skull sinking in, she wore a little sun dress her lips were curled into a frown as she stared with the most innocent eyes. Mustang rubbed his own eyes thinking maybe he was just dreaming..but she didn't disapear..instead she approached all the closer.:::

::The colonel awoke from his unconsious sleep almost three hours later. Drenched in a cold sweat. His eyes were wide as he'd allowed the room to focus..unaware of where he was. A bare hand came to his forehead. Panting in a labored manner. His skin was warmer than usual. His eyes focused on his hands which seemed to have blooed all over them, dripping down the wrists..he'd pulled them away and moved a finger acrossed the oppsite one..the blood of those people hed killed so long ago still haunted him to this day. :::

:::He didn't say anything as he sat there quietly, though a faint spell of dizzyness forced him back down to bed.:::
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[26 Jul 2005|05:11pm]

[ mood | frustrated ]

((I am SO sorry for the lack of updates lately!!! ;__; Between me being a fucking LAZY ASS and my grandma passing away...Yus. *Clears throat* An update! Erm..finally! *shifty eyes*))

STOP!!! ::The girl gritted her teeth and struggled against the restraints of the stretcher as she was carted off into the ambulance like a piece of luggage:: I DON'T need a stretcher! It's just my arm... :: Her voice rose hysterically into a pitch of frenzied panic as she strained to look back at the grotesque scene behind her:: ED!!! AL!!! ::Tears formed in her eyes as she helplessly pulled once more against the restraints to no avail:: Listen to me... ::Her breathing was rapid and her voice low. She looked up at the medical personnel, reprimanding them harshly:: You just take care of Ed, understood? I can fix his automail--I'm his mechanic. The best around. Just...you'd...you'd better not let him die!!! If you do, I swear I'll... ::She shot daggers at the throng of doctors and nurses hovering over her. A sudden jolt of pain surged through her shoulder and chest, though she still couldn't feel her arm. She was growing woozy. Her words trailed off as her eyes began to close:: And make sure his little brother is taken care of. They mean the world to me...

::Her mind flashed back to her cradling Ed in her lap. The boy was all but dead...it baffled her how he'd managed to survive whatever had just happened to him. He'd insisted that his condition was due to an attack by those God-forsaken hommunculi. Still...something deep inside made her doubt that his words were true. Every fiber in her body cringed with revulsion at the sight of his wounds. It was as if her heart knew something the rest of her didn't. And she felt guilty for a reason she couldn't even vaguely remember for the life of her. The thought alone made her want to vomit, but there was nothing in her stomach to come back up. It felt like something had successfully drilled a huge hole right through her center. Her body simply felt empty::

"...Hey...calm down...You're going to tear that shoulder worse..." ::She nearly cried again when the alchemist spoke:: Damn you, Ed, you always have to put that mask on, don't you? Stop trying to pretend you're fine when you're not! ::Her efforts to stop the fresh burst of tears failed miserably and she held Edward even tighter to her body, crying hard into his blood-soaked jacket and hair:: Stubborn jerk! ::She sobbed:: You can't leave me...I won't let you!

"...Where's Al...?" ::Ed's brave front to protect her was cut short when the midget began squirming in her arms at the sight of his brother's head being carried away by a little boy. At that point, neither of them knew whether the seal that bound Alphonse's soul to the armor was still intact. The mechanic braced her good arm in front of Edward's body in a vain attempt to prevent him from getting up:: Don't even THINK about it! You're too weak. ::She began to ease him off her lap so she could rise:: Let me-- ::She was cut off when the alchemist carelessly shoved her aside and forced himself onto his feet. Her jaw stiffened and the girl tried to pretend that what he'd just done hadn't hurt her feelings. She screamed after him, but of course the midget wouldn't listen. He would sacrifice himself for his brother's life at any cost.

The rest after that was partly a blur. She continued to yell after the older Elric and briefly noted a few other state alchemists gathering on the scene before a medic in a white coat grabbed her from behind. She fought like there was no tomorrow. Before she was strapped down, she felt a bit of relief. She saw Ed's face burst into a grateful, pained smile as he spoke to his brother. Al's soul was still there...thank goodness for that. The blonde mechanic let out a growl of pure frustration and nearly spat at the doctors. She'd managed to sock a few of them square in the face and struggled to kick the remaining few. It was no use. They'd already grabbed her amrs and legs and were too strong for a skinny teenage girl to handle:: You have to let me go! Please! I...AAARGH! ::Her rage grew stronger as the medics forced her head down and secured a strap around it:: STOP IT!!!

::The ambulance ride was nothing short of excruciating. She was poked and prodded like a piece of meat. Electrodes had been strapped all over her body and she felt exposed and cold. EMTs stuck needle upon needle into her arm, which still had no feeling at all. Her stomach burned with that empty, nauseating sensation:: "...Not entirely sure whether it was dimensia or a single prolonged hallucination. Passengers said she was vomitting and heaving up blood for about twenty minutes straight before she came to. Not much left in that stomach of hers. She was trying to take care of the little guy when we found her..." ::A doctor's voice swam through the air in snippets as she faded in and out. Her cheeks were wet from crying and her voice came out in a slurred moan. She couldn't stop them from taking her even further away from the train wreck and her two dearest friends. She could do nothing:: Ed...Al...

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[26 Jul 2005|02:33pm]

[ mood | drained ]

"Nii-san, it's okay. I'm right here."

"...Al?" As that tiny little whisper reached his ears, Ed glanced down at the helmet resting in his one remaining arm. He couldn't bring himself to hope for the best, or even think that he was somehow wrong about being too late. Al was dead and that was that...or so the more jaded side of the alchemist's brain thought. But that voice didn't come from nowhere. Just to prove that he was hallucinating it, he took a long, hard look at the remains of the suit of armor. Just to prove to himself that he had failed. That he was alone. That Al was gone again.

But despite his morbid thinking, Edward could see two orbs of light staring back at him from the helmet's empty sockets. Slowly, a relieved, yet exhausted, grin spread across the blond's face. "Al...you're...you're still here..."

It was as if a heavy weight had been suddenly lifted, but then just as suddenly dropped back onto the state alchemist; he was overjoyed to know that his brother was alright, but at the same time, standing really wasn't in his best interests at the moment. Ed stumbled. Over absolutely nothing at all. Out of the corner of his eyes he thought he saw Winry getting up to follow after him, but immediately lost sight of her as two doctors rushed him. For once, he was grateful for the stretcher, and laid down on it almost instantly. Even in this weakened state, it still took the two doctors a good deal of struggling to dislodge Al's head from Ed's grasp. One of them carted the heavy steel head over to where Havok and Hughes were standing, looking dumbfounded-- he had no idea what he was supposed to do with all the little scraps of armor they had found, and would prefer to ask about it rather than get yelled at later for chucking the whole heavy thing into the nearest ditch. The other man rolled up the sleeves of his long white coat and set to work patching up the elder Elric. Edward could feel the various bandages being wrapped securely around his wounds, but more irritating than that was the constant drip of raindrops on his face as he laid back against the canvas stretcher. "...stupid...rrghhh, damnit! ...rain...I've had more than enough of you today, thank you!" To his relief, he was finding it a bit easier to think.

The doctor tending to Ed stood up and called over a few straggling nurses for help. The young state alchemist would have to be moved as soon as possible and put up in the Central Hospital where they could properly treat the various fractures and gashes. It was looking to be another long hospital stay for the Fullmetal Alchemist. His right arm, however, mystified the physicians. They themselves were not aware that they had just carted an excellent mechanic away to the hospital-- despite her vehement protests and the few black eyes she had dished out when they forced her to lay down on the stretcher.

The clean-up was looking good at last. Most of the injured people had been loaded up and driven swiftly to the hospital, and those well enough were offered alternate transportation back to the train station in Central. Ed, being one of the last few people attended to because of his stubborn refusal to just lie down and stay that way, was quickly prepared for the move.

Now the only thing left, a few attendants thought as they gingerly lifted Edward's stretcher and moved him into an ambulance, was to figure out how on earth the train had been stopped and melted onto the tracks!

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[25 Jul 2005|09:04am]

[ mood | annoyed ]

Jean's semi-laid back attitude about this whole situation was quickly shatttered the moment that Riza arrived on the scene. There was just something about that woman kept him on edge, especially when it was obvious that she was upset like at the moment. Most likely the fact that she could shoot him square between the eyes faster than he could knock an ash off his cig.

For a short while the Lieutenant had vanished off behind the Colonel, finally managing to drag him back. Before he could ask what had happened, Havoc was being barked at to put out his smoke. Flustered, he reached up quickly and yanked in from his mouth, flicking it onto the ground with one fast motion. Sheesh. He didn't even listen to ROY when it came to putting one out, but with Hawkeye involved... No playing around with her.

And then came the scolding for not following along behind Mustang. "Well he told us..." He barely had the chance to speak before he was cut off, shrinking back slightly. He gave a quick look over to the taisa as he was being examined, frowning a bit.

Riza's ranting finally ended as she went to settle things with the doctors. "Man.." Jean shut his eyes, scratching the back of his head a bit. "As if today wasn't already bad enough." The second lieutenant pulled his arm back around, folding the both of them over his chest. A few soldiers spoke up from behind him. "Sir, the colonel's going to be alright?"

"Yeah yeah. Of course he is." Jean tried to show no concern, though he was pretty worried after seeing Roy like that. Noticing that Hawkeye was leaving (along with Roy) at the moment, he reached into his pocket to pull out another cig, but was disappointed to find that he didn't have anymore. Damnit. And he had just lit that last one when he had been told to put it out... if only it hadn't been raining he might have been able to salvage it. "You guys finish up checking out everything on the train like the boss said. We'll keep an eye on the Elrics for now."

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[23 Jul 2005|04:51pm]

[ mood | contemplative ]

She had finished scolding the two soldiers, and walked back over to where the doctors were checking over the three injured males.

After thinking for a moment at what the doctor said, she replied, "His home would be the best." Although, when the driver asked for the address, she gave her own. There was no way Roy was going to be able to take care of himself, and her house was closer to the hospital anyway. If he got really sick. Which he won't, she corrected herself.

She had some leave time and tomorrow was her day off anyway, so she would stay with him and take care of him until he got better. So, while the doctors were getting Roy settled in her bed, she didn't have a guest bedroom, her house was too small... she would be fine out on the couch, Hawkeye made her way back to Headquarters and put her notice for leave on Lt. Colonel Hughes' desk, seeing as her direct superior was in no condition to sign it. She went into the office, gathered Mustang's personal effects: his coat and items of that nature, and whisked out of the building, not giving Sheska any more than a slight nod as she left, and a reminder to make sure Hughes got her notice.

Back at home, she walked quietly about in stockinged feet, not that she wore shoes, or let anyone else wear them, in her house. Padding across the cream-colored carpet, she peeked her head into her bedroom, to check on him. He was layed out, propped up with pillows and appearing to be asleep. She walked over to the bedside, and reached under a choice pillow she was glad the doctors hadn't moved. Pulling out a spare pistol, she tucked it safely in her holster.

She had a shrewd idea why Roy was in this condition...


And, if he had time to think of it, he would figure that she probably kept extra guns around her bedroom for protection. She did not need a man hell-bent on killing himself having access with the means to do so. She also took his gloves from where the doctors had placed them on her bedside table.

Just to be safe.

After placing all items he could possibly harm himself with out of his reach, she sat on the bed, arranging the blankets back around him. And she watched him, looking sick and not nearly as relaxed as he should've been for being asleep.

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[23 Jul 2005|09:40am]

[ mood | sick ]

::He heard her speaking..he could see the worry on her face, though something wasn't allowing him to speak. He wasn't doing too well..his features were pale, well paler than usual almost as though sickly. Dark eyes were foggy with regret and thought. Making hims seem distant yet again. If anyone had noticed he wasn't feeling well lately they'd have seen how quiet he had been. They'dnot even have to listen to him speaking as he was merely giving orders. No flashy come backs, no snappy remarks.::

::While Riza scolded him he looked like a guilty child, his eyes watching the floor, giving a slight flinch as her voice raised though still in return he said nothing. While she carried him into the main area of the train, a portion which hadn't been damaged he could hear her angerily speaking with Havoc and Hughes. Though as he was set down and the doctors began to look him over his eyes had shut and he'd slumped against the wall.:: Taisa!..Roy Mustang Taisa! ::One of the doctors attempted to shake the flame alchemist who wouldn't respond. The other doctors had moved on to Edward and Alphonse. Two doctors with each, one checking for blood pressure making sure the slowly breathing man was alive::

::There was no blood on him aside from what wasn't his from trying to move the conductor's blood soaked corpse. The man had looked up at Riza and shook his head a moment as he'd pulled away from tending the colonel. It was almost as if he was baffled or something by Roy's lack of injury. Why would he pass out iuf he wasn't injured? Perhaps he was merely exhausted..he looked like he hadn't been sleeping much lately.:: He'll be alright..however, the only thing I can assume by this is he's exhausted. His skin is almost ten degrees cooler than normal, but he's breathing evenly so he isn't in any harm..you have two choices...either we can take him to Central Hospital or his home.

::They were gathering a streacher, just preparing for the worst. The colonel would be fine in their eyes however he had a trace of a fever but it hadn't shown it self quiet yet. Whatever happened in that cabin was tramatizing for the young man. They'd laid Roy flat on his back to keep his air ways open so he wouldn't suffocaite. Waiting for the woman's answer he crouched by Mustang, a hand touching his face checking for abnormal wormth indicating illness or anything else that may proove a problem in the future hours which were critical::

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[22 Jul 2005|04:03pm]

[ mood | irate ]

"Ro--- I mean, Sir!" she exclaimed as he finally came to, removing her hand from his knee and looking worriedly down at her superior, who was obviously not in the best of conditions, though he was not wounded. Shaking herself mentally, she looked at him again, this time, her eyes showed naught of the worry that'd been gnawing away in her stomach.

"Sir, what were you thinking!? Walking into an unsecured area like that, there could been assasins! That Scar could've been here!" She scolded him loudly, sounding rather like a mother who had lost her child and was so relieved that he was not hurt, but was still angry that he'd run off in the first place. In a slightly quieter voice she added, "You can't get to the top if you get killed, Taisa... you know that better than I." She looked at her boots, still crouching. After a few moments silence, she looked at him again.

"Can you stand, sir?" she questioned nervously, thinking that this could still be dangerous even though she was with him. She must be on her best guard, she'd never forgive herself if the Taisa got wounded. Not getting a response, she looked to see that he was still conscious, and seeing that he was, she decided that she was going to have to get both of them out of there. Leaning down more, she slumped her superior over her shoulder, and with the surprising strength a woman of her size could possess, she lifted him up and carried him out of the compartment, setting him gently on the ground outside.

"Lieutenant Colonel Hughes, Second Lieutenant Havoc." She barked out sharply as she strode purposefully toward the two men. "Havoc-get-rid-of-that-cigarette-how-many-times-do-I-have-to-tell-you." she said under her breath, albeit in one. "What do you mean by it!? Letting him go off by himself in an unsecured, wrecked, potentially dangerous, or deadly situation! You both should be court-martialed, or at least suspended!" As Havoc opened his mouth to protest, she cut him off. "I do not care if he ordered you to stay back, one of you should've tailed him anyway! He was against protocol going alone!" She continued to rant as doctors attended to Roy.

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[22 Jul 2005|11:12am]

[ mood | uncomfortable ]

::memories passed through the colonel's mind at a speed he couldn't control. An almost physically painful experience as that woman's voice rang so softly through his thoughts. He'd been so distant lately it was difficult to speak to him. He'd remark with some overly sarcastic remark about how one should figure things out on their own rather than coming to Roy Mustang with their problems. Even something he would normally care about such as the Elric's health he was still silent on. He spoke to nobody lately, not even Hughes. Whenever the man called it would be Lieutenate Hawkeye who'd answered the phone instead of him. ::

::The voice calling him seemed so distant he couldn't be sure who it was, it was quiet and kind unlike those of his men which were often rather taunting it seemed. Apparently for now the colonel would remain in his daze his arms had fallen to his side as Riza tried to coax him out of those memories that had trapped him inside his world full of nightmares::

:::crimson liquid splattered acrossed porciline flesh in the dead of the night. He hovered over the bodies of two doctors. The doctor's who'd just healed some of his own men,yet then again they'd also helped the enemy. He stood as if frozen in time. Unable to do anything except for stare as they bled slowly to death staining the unforgiving ground a harsh copper.. He wanted to go to them. He wanted to beg them for forgiveness, to tell them it wasn't his fault. Someone else had pulled the trigger but his efforts were futile. Doubt remained in his mind followed by an anger and almost suicidal depression. That voice was all he remembered. The seductive young woman who stayed with him causing his mind to scream in confusion. Helpless to her control over him. His eyes were blank of emotion as he raised his hand, a spark of crackiling fire and the hut went up in flames.:::

::He'd just slaughtered an innocent man and woman..what was next, children?...he stood in the flaming wreckage until he heard another voice behind him commanding him to move :: Mustang!..Roy Mustang!:: It almost screamed at him as flames fell around his body. He would burn alive with the two he'd killed. Though a strong hand came to grab his arm, jerking the young flame alchemist out of the building before he could make a decision to pass away with the couple.:: Roy, what the hell? this is a WAR people are going to die, accept it!::: It'd told him, but he just couldn't seem to do it. There was blood staining his uniform and his skin. He'd used alchemy against his beliefs he'd used it to harm instead of help.::

::The rest of the war seemed a blur as he slaughtered and maimed innocents left and right, he couldn't control his own actions anymore..he spoke to none..an almost eerie silence from the usualy kind young alchemist as hed walked through the burning village only to find himself in the hut of a child. Scared and clinging to a stuffed animal for dear life. Again the colonel's hand gun rose pointed straight at the boy. His hands shook as though the gun were heavy. He moved to pull the trigger but found himself unable..this was just a kid, an Ishbal kid but none the less...the nightmares faded..leaving only an unconsious man in a train..:::

::Drenched in a cold sweat Riza's voice had reached him finally...his eyes slowly opened a uncomfortable dizzyness took over his body..::...Lieutenate...?::He'd questioned in a soft manner...his vision was blurred and he felt his legs were made of stone, he couldn't stand..sweat dripped down his cheeks like a river, his eyes distantly showed of a fear...:::

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[21 Jul 2005|01:55am]

[ mood | nervous ]

Oh God.... I hope he hasn't done anything stupid...

Her black boots hit the ground purposefully, as she ran to where the Taisa and the rest of her comrades were, amazed, and quite frankly, a little pissed off that they hadn't waited for her to return from the outing she'd been on before setting off, and had to find out from Sheska where they'd gone.

Arriving upon the scene, she saw at once that Mustang was nowhere to be seen. Surely not a good thing at the moment. Hand already on her holster, she approched Hughes and Havoc, and learned that the Colonel had gone inside the wreckage alone.

Stupid man... She though savagely, and followed her Taisa into the train, with utmost stealth. She found him, collapsed against the wall, face in his hands. Ignoring the conductor's gruesome body, she knelt down to her superior, having come upon him like this before; although, this time, she was not sure why.

"Sir...?" She questioned, half-holstering her gun, leaving it in easy reach. Not getting an answer, she tried again. "Taisa?" And still, no answer. Taking the liberty to bring him out of whatever daze he was in, she put a hand on his knee. "Roy?" As a last ditch effort, she had used his name, blushing slightly, and glad for the dim lighting in the compartment.

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[20 Jul 2005|05:56pm]

::After his men had gotten into position, waiting for whatever was to come off of that train, it took him a while to respond to Havoc..his eyes were cold and distant however, darkened hues finally met the smoking man's :: My guess is...a certaint hagaren no. :: He'd scoffed slightly folding his arms. Somehow he guessed that the fullmetal alchemist had something to do with this, just like the first time hed come to central. Now, Roy wasn't mad at the two brothers, or those on the train with him. He was mostly angry with those whod attacked the train and himself for not being there on time. As if he could have known that this was gonna happen. He had no idea so he likely would be told not to blame himself.::

::He simply waited while his men got into the train, beggining to search for the source of the problem. Sure enough there sat the two brothers one in pieces the other drenched in his own blood. A man came running out to tell the flame alchemist who wasn't surprised at all. He'd looked over his shoulder at Havoc and Hughes:: Guess we better get in there.::he'd begun to walk towards the train, slipping inside only to find the two brothers. Edward clutching his brothers head. His heart almost sank, no matter how he acted around those boys he did care. Of corse he cared. He didn't want them to wind up like he had.::

::His endless gaze found its way to the front of the train where scared passangers watched as the military infiltraited.:: You, get Hagaren no rinkinjitsushi off the train..his brother too. I'm going to check with the conductor.:: he'd ordered again, the men nodded :: yessir.:: he'd responded and got to the Elric's. Not Havoc nor Hughes would be going with him this time, he wanted to see just for himself what they were dealing with. He motioned the two to stay with the group. Edward needed treating, his brother needed to be gathered. Roy Mustang stepped through those doors sliding them shut::

::The conductor was still sitting in his seat, however he wasn't moving ::ch' ::his hand came to press against the mans neck to check his pulse only to find he hadn't needed too...he was convulsing and his own blood soaked the room...His heart was missing and it looked as though he'd been eaten from the outside..::what the hell..:: he'd murmured, though suddenly a hand came to push the colonel against the doors, which had been snapped shut he felt a pain coursing through his body, a burning sensation..:: Whos..:: his words were muffled by a hand over his mouth,a woman stood infront of him cooing softly:: Roy Mustang...I have heard alot about you..::Her voice was dangerously soft. As if spouting venom from it's every word. The colonel tried to move his hand, snapping his fingers which would trigger that signature flame he was best known for..::

:: Black lips curled into into a smirk as she'd moved closer to the younger mans ear and whispered something that left him rather wide eyed...it had caused his eyes to close, something had triggered an unconsiousness like stage. A stage where memories could pass freely. A stage of tormentation for a certiant colonel.:::

::She'd slipped away into the shadows leaving no trail behind, all except for the doors which were shut tight. Mustang slid to the ground, eyes shut..crackiling flames, the smell of smoke and an fear spreading through a town...his features in the present had paled several shades, he was breathing but in a shallow manner..::

::He'd remembered that night well..the night he had to kill the Rockbell's. He'd stood quietly outside their small place, he'd been given orders to destroy them and any who'd gotten in his way. He stood with his gun in hand almost paralized. It was as if he couldn't move another inch his eyes widened. That same voice. Black lips whispering to his ear, brushing against the sensitive lobe. He'd felt himself begin to trudge forward, almost like his body wasn't his to control anymore. It was on auto-pilot. The woman behind him, her arms draped around his waist, her eyes burning into mustang's.::

::He stepped inside the small place and held his gun, with out warning it fired. Two shots. All he needed for both husband and wife. Deadly accurate. Straight through the chest. The place then after lit on fire..he couldn't remember doing it but something inside him told him he had...it seemed like eons before hed gotten out..a kind voice behind him, the woman had already slipped away...::
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[19 Jul 2005|11:52pm]

[ mood | discontent ]

His voice.

He could hear his brother's voice again. Though rather strained and weak, that was definately the sound of his other brother asking if he could have 'that' back, since 'it' was important to him.

Alphonse just wanted to cry out right then, but knew to just hold his tongue since the mother was still hovering around at the moment. Finally the helmet was returned to his nii-san, and held protectively against the blood and mud-soaked body of the small alchemist as the young boy and his mother left. Al would have loved to thank the kid for all the help, but that would have to wait until later, if he ever saw him again.

"Al...I'm so sorry..."

Again his brother spoke, though... was he crying? Al tried to look up, but seeing as how he was just being held against Edward's chest, there wasn't much to be seen. "Nii-san...?" He tried to speak up above the rain, and his brother's sobbing. "Nii-san, it's okay. I'm right here."

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[20 Jul 2005|12:44am]

[ mood | ecstatic ]


Hi all! This would be the newly inducted Riza... ^_^

Just so you know... here's my contact stuff.

AIM: BlatantFailurism (IM me if you can, I hardly ever check my email...)
Email (and MSN Messenger): demented_bunny17@hotmail.com
Yahoo Messenger: genjyo_sanzo_wielder_of_the_fan
My regular LJ: seme_koi

Feel free to add/contact me in anyway. ^_________________^ Hope we have fun together! And... if someone could explain to me how you prefer things to be done around here.... that would be good.

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[19 Jul 2005|06:20pm]

[ mood | bored ]

The entire ride there, Jean had just kept quiet, partially praying that the Colonel's wreckless driving wouldn't wind them up in worse shape than anyone who had been hurt on the train.

When they finally arrived, first thing that he did was pull out his cigarette and light up. Hell, they weren't in the office, so why should it matter if he smoked? He stood behind Roy as he barked orders to the other men that had gather there. How boring. But it was better than sitting around in the office with nothing to do at least.

When the Flame Alchemist's tirade finally ended, Havoc leaned over slightly, somehow managing not to flick off the ashes as he spoke. "So boss, what do you think caused the trouble in the first place?"

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[18 Jul 2005|11:27pm]

[ mood | depressed ]

Roy and company would have to wait. The scattering droves of anxious physicians would have to wait. Calming Winry and tending to his freely bleeding would would have to wait...

All other things in life took a back-seat to his younger brother's wellfare, and at the moment, Al's head was being unceremoniously carted off by a whiny little child.

Ed took a moment to spit the mud from his mouth, ignoring the increased metallic taste that signified blood pooling up in the back of his mouth. The currently one-armed alchemist pushed himself back to his feet. Stumbling through the soft mud, he limped his way over to the little boy and spoke up with whatever force was left to his voice, "...hey..." The child and his mother turned, gasping as they caught sight of the blood-soaked, mud-spattered alchemist staring sadly at them through dripping wet stands of gold. Edward's eyes were locked solely on the metallic skull clutched in the tiny boy's hands, "Can...can I...have that back please? It...means a lot..." A few harsh coughs ended his plea. It was terrible. He felt cold and dizzy...his body wanted nothing more than to curl up under a nice warm blanket and take an extended nap...But Al...

The Fullmetal Alchemist stared sadly down at the remains of his younger brother; nothing more than a scrap of soul-less armor. At least...Ed could see no sign that his brother was still attached to the armor. It felt as if his heart had once again been torn from his chest and torn into shreds. He was alone again...

The little boy named Joseph looked up at the elder Elric. His wide eyes went back and forth between the shrimpy state alchemist and his beloved new 'toy'. He hesitated a few moments, pouting upwards as the thunder clapped overhead. Eventually, he stretched his little arms forward, and offered Ed the motionless head of armor he had been protecting, "...sorry, Mister. I think...it got broke..."

"...thanks..." Edward clung to the armor, just staring at it as the child and his mother hurried to find shelter from the downpour.

Ed was grateful for the rain...because it so perfectly hid the tears that managed to leak from the corners of his eyes. "...Al...I'm so sorry...I wasn't there to....and...I couldn't protect you...or Winry...or..."

His speech degraded into silent sobs as the Fullmetal Alchemist cursed himself mentally for being so completely helpless.

(( o__o; ...mrrr...not my best update ever....decent, tho'....ne? >_>; ))

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